Vocabulary for Describing Strategies and Plans

Vocabulary for Describing Strategies and Plans
Vocabulary for Describing Strategies and Plans

At the end of the lesson, the student should be able to explain and use appropriate vocabulary for describing strategies and plans.

Whiteboard/markers, index cards with vocabulary words, handouts with definitions.


  1. Introduction: Introduce the topic and explain why it is important to know the vocabulary for discussing strategies and plans.
  2. Activity 1: Have the student brainstorm and list on the whiteboard all the words they can think of that are related to the topic.
  3. Activity 2: Divide the student into groups of 2 or 3 and provide each group with an index card bearing a vocabulary word each. Have the students look up the meaning of the words and discuss their importance in the context of strategies and plans.
  4. Activity 3: Have the student work individually on the handout. Ask them to read through the definitions, then provide an example for each word using strategies and plans.
  5. Closure: Have the student review the words they have learned and provide an overall summary of the lesson.


  • Introduced the topic and explained why it is important
  • Brainstormed and listed words related to the topic
  • Divided into groups, discussed the words and their meanings
  • Worked on a handout with definitions and examples
  • Reviewed and summarized the lesson

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