Vocabulary for Describing Relationships and Connections

Here is a list of vocabulary for describing relationships and connections:

  • Relationship: a connection, association, or involvement between people
  • Connection: a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else
  • Association: a connection or relationship between people or things
  • Link: a connection between two things or people
  • Bond: a strong connection or relationship between people, based on affection, trust, or loyalty
  • Tie: a relationship or connection between people or things
  • Network: a group of interconnected people or things
  • Interaction: a reciprocal action between people or things that affects each other
  • Communication: the exchange of information, ideas, or thoughts between people
  • Cooperation: working together towards a common goal or purpose
  • Collaboration: working together with others to achieve a common goal or purpose.

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