Vocabulary for Describing Patterns and Trends

Here is a list of vocabulary for describing patterns and trends:

  • Pattern: a regular or repeated arrangement of shapes, lines, colors, or other elements
  • Trend: a general direction of change or development
  • Sequence: a series of events or things that follow each other in a particular order
  • Cycle: a recurring pattern or series of events that happen again and again
  • Rhythm: a regular pattern of repeated events or sounds
  • Trendline: a line drawn on a chart to show the overall direction of a trend or data series
  • Uptrend: a trend characterized by rising prices or values
  • Downtrend: a trend characterized by falling prices or values
  • Fluctuation: a change in size, amount, or rate, often one that is irregular or unpredictable
  • Deviation: a departure from a norm or standard.

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