Travel and Tourism Vocabulary

  • Accommodation – a place to stay, such as a hotel or a hostel
  • Adventure travel – travel that involves activities such as hiking, rafting, or bungee jumping
  • Backpacking – traveling with a backpack and staying in budget accommodations
  • Beach vacation – a vacation spent at the beach
  • Bed and breakfast – a type of accommodation where guests stay in a private room and have breakfast included
  • Booking – making a reservation for a hotel, flight, or other travel service
  • Camping – staying in a tent or a campervan in the outdoors
  • Cruise – a vacation on a large ship that visits multiple destinations
  • Destination – the place where a person is traveling to
  • Excursion – a short trip or tour that is organized as part of a larger vacation
  • Flight – a trip on an airplane
  • Itinerary – a plan for a trip, including the destinations and activities
  • Package tour – a vacation that includes transportation, accommodation, and activities, sold as a bundle
  • Road trip – a vacation where you travel by car to multiple destinations
  • Sightseeing – visiting places of interest while on vacation
  • Tour guide – a person who shows and explains the sights to tourists
  • Travel agent – a person or company that helps plan and book vacations
  • Travel insurance – insurance that covers unexpected events such as trip cancellations or medical emergencies while traveling
  • Vacation rental – a type of accommodation where guests rent a house or apartment for their stay.

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