Transportation Vocabulary

Transportation Vocabulary
Transportation Vocabulary

Objective: By the end of this lesson, students will have been exposed to basic transportation vocabulary in English and have practiced using the words in context.

Materials: Whiteboard, markers, pictures of various forms of transportation (optional).

Introduction (5 minutes):
The teacher will introduce the topic of transportation vocabulary, explaining that they will be learning language related to how people and goods move from one place to another. The teacher can facilitate a discussion about different means of transportation that students are familiar with in their daily lives, and/or show pictures of different forms of transportation.

Practice (10 minutes):
The teacher will provide students with a handout or elicit different types of transportation vocabulary from the class, writing them on the whiteboard. They will then provide examples of how these words can be used in conversation and ask students to provide their own examples. They may also provide students with different sentences and ask them to fill in the blanks with the correct words and/or ask them to match the words with the pictures.

Application (5 minutes):
The teacher will provide students with a word search/crossword puzzle/other puzzle related to transportation vocabulary. They may also provide students with a short story and ask them to identify the different types of transportation used in the story.

Conclusion (2 minutes):
The teacher will review the words that the students have learned during the lesson, and ask them to provide their own examples of how to use them in conversation.


  • Introduction of transportation vocabulary
  • Practice using vocabulary in conversation and matching words with pictures
  • Application of transportation vocabulary with word searches/crosswords/puzzles and stories
  • Review of vocabulary and student examples

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