Talking about the weather

Talking about the weather
Talking about the weather1

At the end of the session, the student will be able to use basic vocabulary and sentence structure when talking about the weather.

Materials: Weather vocabulary handout, whiteboard, markers

(2 minutes)

  1. Introduce yourself and explain the purpose of the lesson.
  2. Ask the student about the weather where they live.

(5 minutes)

  1. Introduce the weather vocabulary handout and display it on the whiteboard.
  2. Ask the student to read each vocabulary word aloud and explain the meaning of each.

(7 minutes)

  1. Ask the student to describe the current weather in their city.
  2. Explain the basic sentence structure for talking about the weather:
    • It’s [adjective] today.
    • Today it’s [verb]ing.
  3. Ask the student to use the new sentence structure and give examples of weather using the new vocabulary.

(2 minutes)

  1. Review the lesson objectives and ask the student to explain what they learned.
  2. Ask the student if they have any questions about the lesson.


  • Introduced lesson objectives and materials.
  • Introduced weather vocabulary and explained the meanings.
  • Practiced using new vocabulary and sentence structure to talk about the weather.
  • Reviewed objectives and asked for questions.

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