Relative clauses

Relative clauses
Relative clauses

Objective: To help intermediate-level students understand relative clauses.

I. Introduction (5 minutes)
a. Explain the concept of relative clauses
b. Show examples of relative clauses

II. Explanation (15 minutes)
a. Explain the grammatical structure of relative clauses
b. Explain the different types of relative clauses
c. Explain how to form relative clauses

III. Practice (15 minutes)
a. Ask students to complete a sentence with a relative clause
b. Ask students to create relative clauses
c. Give students a sentence and ask them to identify the relative clause

IV. Summary (5 minutes)
a. Explain the importance of relative clauses
b. Go over any questions

V. Conclusion (5 minutes)
a. Give a summary of the lesson


  • Introduced the concept of relative clauses and gave examples
  • Explained the grammatical structure, different types, and how to form relative clauses
  • Students practiced identifying, completing, and creating relative clauses
  • Explained the importance of relative clauses
  • Summarized the lesson and answered any questions.

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