Describing your family

Describing your family
Describing your family1

Person 1: Hi, can you tell me about your family?

Person 2: Sure! I have a mom, a dad, and a sister. My mom is a teacher and my dad is a doctor. My sister is in college and studying to be a nurse.

Person 1: That’s great! Do you have any pets?

Person 2: Yes, we have a dog named Max and a cat named Luna. They are both very playful and love to cuddle.

Person 1: That’s awesome! How old is your sister?

Person 2: My sister is 20 years old.

Person 1: Do you all live together?

Person 2: Yes, we live together in a house in the suburbs.

Person 1: That’s nice. Do you have any relatives nearby?

Person 2: Yes, we have some cousins and grandparents who live nearby. We often have family gatherings at their houses.

Person 1: That sounds lovely. Thanks for telling me about your family!

Person 2: No problem, happy to share!

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