Basic punctuation

Basic punctuation
Basic punctuation

I. Introduction (5 minutes):
A. Introduce the lesson and explain why it is important.
B. Introduce and define the various punctuation marks and their functions.

II. Activities (25 minutes):
A. Model and explain how to use the different punctuation marks in different contexts.
B. Have students complete punctuation exercises together.

III. Practice (20 minutes):
A. Have students complete individual punctuation exercises.
B. Go over the exercises together as a class and answer any questions.

IV. Conclusion (5 minutes):
A. Summarize what was covered and review the main points.
B. Remind students that they can always refer to the lesson plan if they have any questions.

• Introduced lesson and explained importance
• Defined various punctuation marks and functions
• Modeled and explained how to use punctuation marks in different contexts
• Completed punctuation exercises together
• Completed individual punctuation exercises
• Answered questions
• Summarized what was covered and reviewed main points
• Reminded students to refer to lesson plan if they have any questions

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