Advanced verb tenses

Advanced verb tenses
Advanced verb tenses

By the end of the lesson, the student will be able to use advanced verb tenses correctly in spoken and written English.

Whiteboard and markers, grammar practice worksheets

Explain to the student the purpose of the lesson and why verb tenses are important. Remind them that verb tenses are used to express actions, events and states in time.

Overview of Tenses:
Using the whiteboard, review with the student the four main verb tenses — past, present, future and present perfect. Go over the different forms of each tense and their respective meanings.

Advanced Tenses:
Move onto introducing the student to three advanced tenses — the past perfect, future perfect and future continuous. Explain why and when to use each of the tenses and provide examples.

Practical Application:
Provide the student with the grammar practice worksheets so he/she can practice using the advanced tenses in different contexts. Answer any questions the student may have about the worksheets.

Summarize the main points of the lesson and answer any remaining questions the student may have.

Bullet Points:
• Explained purpose and importance of verb tenses
• Reviewed four basic verb tenses
• Introduced three advanced verb tenses
• Provided practice worksheets to help student apply the tenses in context
• Summarized main points of the lesson and answered any questions

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