Advanced Prepositions and Phrases

Advanced Prepositions and Phrases
Advanced Prepositions and Phrases

At the end of the lesson, the student will be able to explain the purpose and usage of advanced prepositions and phrases in a sentence.

This lesson will introduce the student to advanced prepositions and phrases, which are an important part of the English language. Prepositions and phrases are used to indicate relationships between words and ideas within a sentence, so being familiar with them can help the student to become a better writer and speaker.

The student will be taught about advanced prepositions and phrases and how to use them. They will learn about common prepositions, such as "at", "in", "on", and "of", as well as more complex prepositions, such as "toward", "towards", "throughout", and "amidst". They will also learn about phrases that can be used in place of prepositions, such as "on account of", "in lieu of", and "in respect of". Examples of how to use these prepositions and phrases in a sentence will be given to aid in the understanding of their usage.

The student will be given sentences to complete using the prepositions and phrases that they have just learned. This will help them to practice using the prepositions and phrases correctly in a sentence.

The student will be asked to explain what they learned in the lesson and to summarize their understanding of advanced prepositions and phrases.


  • Introduction to advanced prepositions and phrases
  • Common prepositions (at, in, on, of) and more complex prepositions (toward, towards, throughout, amidst)
  • Phrases that can replace prepositions (on account of, in lieu of, in respect of)
  • Examples of usage
  • Practice activities
  • Summary and explanation of lesson

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